Leather Care Advice...

We only use the finest quality leather and suede for our products this means that each skin is different, and thus every bag is different. Due to the unique nature of our skins and the quality of genuine leather, colour may vary across our products. This is something that is out of our hands. Moreover these skins may feature minor blemishes - usually unnoticeable. Be assured this is nothing to worry about and it relates to the life that the cow lived and any scrapes he / she got in! Minor defects have no correlation to any mishandling during the manufacture process or any fault on our behalf. We will never sell a faulty or damaged bag.

Our products are not machine washable!

To protect your bag and keep it in tip top condition we suggest you purchase a leather care spray and keep your purchases away from water, oil, direct sunlight, paint and any other nasty things.

How to clean your bag:

  1. Dab the affected area with a cloth / tissue and cold plain water. Do this gently so that the leather is not stretched or scarred.
  2. Allow to dry naturally (please do not use a hairdryer or direct sunlight!)
  3. Repeat

Please note the effectiveness of this process will vary on the type of stain and colour of the leather, and may not remove all stains.