3 Winter Make Up Ideas

Tis nearly the season for glamour, over indulgence and presents which means it’s time for some style inspiration! Hoorah! Whether you’re off to a work shindig or a family get together, on a girls’ night out or you simply want to pamper yourself these three make up will looks suit any occasion.

Up first is a queen of the catwalk, Naomi Campbell. Ignore the mesh face veil, unless you’re into that sort of thing, and focus on the seductive feline flick.


She’s paired her eyeliner with subtle foundation and a nude lipstick ensuring that all attention goes straight to her eyes. Be warned you need a fair bit of practice and a steady hand to perfect the feline flick but if you’re going to wear a statement dress then this chic make up is perfect for you.


Second off the grid is our favourite Devonshire supermodel, Rosie Huntington Whiteley with golden hues and metallic shimmers!


Of course not all of us look like the Plymouth-born beauty but we can copy her style. She’s delicately layered three different colours of gold shadow to emphasise the colour of her eyes and she’s used a subtle blush to add some colour to her cheeks whist keeping her lips a natural pink.

This look is great if you’re not a dab hand at drawing on eyeliner but remember to blend, blend, BLEND!

The trick to her flawless foundation is a great base, start with a good moisturizer to make sure your skin doesn’t dry out and then prep with a primer to ensure your make up lasts as long as you do. The number one rule of applying make up is to use natural light so that you avoid a Bridget Jones moment.


And our final bit of festive make up inspiration comes from fashion blogger and designer extraordinaire Olivia Palermo.


The American model has teamed her natural foundation and subtle brown eyeliner with a bold lipstick. Really this is a younger look and for those who like to play with their style. A purple lip will draw eyes straight to your mouth so you’d better be sure you’re not going to get any fiddly bits of food in your teeth. If you want timeless elegance and you don’t want to be checking your mirror every ten minutes then perhaps this look isn’t for you.

Unless you really prime and line your lips the colour will smudge and fade and you could risk looking more Halloween than Christmas. Personally I’d avoid any purple hues and stick to reds and hot pinks like below.