4 Summer to Autumn Make-Up Looks

2020 has been a strange year to say the least! The early part of summer was spent indoors, then when we did venture out its was pretty grey and wet (at least it was in Devon!) but now it seems like we’re going to be blessed with an Indian Summer. With this in mind I’m on the hunt for make-up looks which transition from summer to autumn.

Recently my skin has been rather hit and miss – many of you may also suffering from bad skin caused by mask wearing. Darling Caroline Hirons appeared on This Morning yesterday and presented a great segment on how to care for your skin and help prevent any mask related breakouts. Click the link below to watch.


So, my face is currently a devilish mixture of oily with blackheads on my nose (arrrggghhhh!) alongside flaky, dry jawline and chin. There’s just no way to win! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks wearing no make-up at all, sticking to my skincare routine like glue and attacking any blemishes with a shovel. Obviously not a literal shovel because that would be ridiculous but you get what I mean…

Anyway, back to the point of this week’s blog post! I’ve compiled a few of my favourite autumn make up looks for fair skin. Enjoy!

Blog Feature ImagejpgToni Garrn attends DeGrisogono's 'Love On The Rocks' during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at Hotel du CapEdenRoc. 23 May 2017.

This plum lipstick is perfect for chillier temperatures and has such an autumnal feel to it. I like that she’s kept the rest of her make-up pretty minimal which only enhances the lipstick and the blue of her eyes. Of course, a stripped back make-up look like this works when you have supermodel facial features and infallible skin like Toni Garn! In my current state I’m sure if I tried this I’d look like a potato with some plum lipstick on! Her foundation, eye brows, contour and blush are so discrete that it gives her a refreshing, youthful look which is rare in a time of Kardashian-style heavy make-up.

Whenever I write these blog posts I always scour to find images which haven’t been airbrushed or at least not excessively. I’m so fed up seeing celebrities’ and influencers’ sponsored posts with their faces edited beyond recognition! Just a note!

Toni’s used (or her make-up artist has used) a matte plum lipstick which I personally prefer because it lasts longer, isn’t glossy and sticky – honestly my hair sticking to my lips is a real problem! Also, there’s less chance of a matte lipstick transferring to your teeth. I will definitely be giving this a go however I don’t have anything plum in my wardrobe…I think this could work with a black mini skirt. 

Blog Feature Image1jpgToni Garrn at the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival at Hotel du Cap Eden Roc. May 2016

This is similar to the above image of Toni but here she’s rocking a much bolder lip. I know right now is not exactly the time to be going out but we need to support our restaurants and I’ve loved the thrill of getting glammed up again! The red lip is such a classic statement and is ideal for those days when you don’t want the hassle of putting on a full face of make-up yet you still want to look glam. I have to admit I rarely ever wear lipstick simply because I often find it irritating but one of the few colours I do wear is red. It gives an instant lift to the face and makes my blue eyes pop.

Blog Feature Image2jpg@katiejanehughes

Next up is make-up artist supremo Katie Jane Hughes. She’s famous on social media with nearly half a million followers, many of those are your favourite celebs. She posts regular make-up looks to her grid and gives great product recommendations.

I’ve chosen this look of hers because her eyes look amazing; emphasised by the warm auburn tones in her hair and the silky golden / copper shadow on her eyelids. To maximise attention to the blue hue of her eyes she’s kept the make-up on the rest of her face neutral. She has used a nude lipstick and has used some blush but it’s delightfully subtle.

I would wear this as an everyday look because it’s glamourous but not over the top. Throw on your favourite slouchy cashmere jumper, a pair of heeled boots and tights and you’re good to go! Of course, skirt or trousers would be advisable too! You don’t want to wear just a jumper and tights unless it’s a longer jumper/dress…

Blog Feature Image3jpg

Still rocking her warn auburn hair, Katie created another make-up look which is perfect for autumn. To be honest, I’d wear this in the Spring and through the summer too! She’s decorated her eye lids with a touch of pink liner, added a light base to her lids and, similar to the above image, she’s used her lipstick alongside subtle contour and blusher. I would have no problems wearing this underneath a mask going to the office and to a daytime date.

Well that’s a wrap for this week’s post! I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please share to social media and follow us on Instagram (@tamara_harvey_official).


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