5 Autumnal Outfit Ideas from Rosie Huntington Whiteley

They say perfection only exists in nature and in any other circumstance I would agree however Devon supermodel Rosie Huntington Whiteley comes pretty close! As summer has faded and the coolness of autumn is upon us we’ve compiled five seasonal outfit ideas which are undeniably stylish, comfortable and, of course, practical.


The above look is perfect for when the weather just can’t make its mind up. Utterly chic but practical, this ensemble will serve you well on the school run and any work meetings. The sleeveless ribbed top harks back to summer whilst the heeled leather boots will see you all the way through winter. Making sure you’re not too cool nor too hot, this outfit scores 10/10.


I absolutely adore this dress and suede boots combination. The pattern on the dress is playful with abstract shapes and a flattering colour palette so it will look great on most skin colour whilst it’s midi length hem and waist line will flatter for almost all figures. Drape a sophisticated wool coat over your shoulders for when the temperature drops and you’ve got a perfect smart casual ensemble. If you don’t own a pair of suede boots or if it’s not quite cold enough yet, slip on a pair of heels with either black or nude tights. Of course, I’d substitute the bag Rosie’s carrying for a Tamara Harvey leather tote but hey, I’m bias!


Stepping out in New York, Rosie’s outfit here is perfect for an autumnal weekend getting out and about. Here she’s layered a faux fur jacket over a slouchy white shirt which are both easy to replicate on the high street and can be reworked with other outfits again and again. The heeled boots add a bright pop of colour and, if you look carefully, match her scarf.


Whilst not all of us can pull off such neutral shades we can all throw on a metallic midi skirt and white blouse. A blazer like this won’t suit all figures – personally I wouldn’t wear this blazer - but Rosie’s made sure not to spoil the flow of her fabrics by not putting her arms through the sleeves. Her slick, low bun will also suit all face shapes however the sunglasses, not so.


Rosie’s final look is best for those rainy and cold days when you have to run around doing errands and need to be protected against the weather. Just because it’s miserable outside that doesn’t mean you have to be swamped in utilitarian tarpaulin and look like a drowned rat! Every woman should have a long black coat stored in her wardrobe ready for the onslaught of miserable winter weather and a pair of heeled black boots. It’s a simple outfit of several layers which can be thrown on in a matter of minutes but that doesn’t diminish its stylishness.

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