6 Tweed Outfit Inspirations

It’s the time of the year when we’re packing away our summer clothes; floaty dresses, holiday tops and old swimsuits are pushed to the very back of the wardrobe and we’re rediscovering our love for all those slouchy jumpers, black jeans and leather boots we haven’t seen for a year. My favourite thing about autumn is…tweed. Yes, ladies, it’s time to crack out the tweed!

Coco Channel turned the traditional mens’ gentry fabric into a coveted staple of every stylish woman’s wardrobe and to fill the day with a bit of colour and excitement I’ve rounded up my favourite tweed street style looks.

We’re kicking off with Chinese supermodel Liu Wen.valence3png

This is so laid back but effortlessly chic. It’s got a very Parisian vibe – note the gorgeous Chanel sling backs but it’s so easy to copy at home. Everyone’s got a pair of good jeans and a slim fitting, black tee they can dig out of their wardrobe and if – like most of us – you don’t have a pair of Chanel flats at home, a nude heel or flat can be purchased from every high street store. The jacket is both flattering and practical for those chilly autumnal days. If you have a smart pair of jeans you could wear this to the office on a Friday but otherwise it’s great for weekend lunches. Accessorise with a Tamara Harvey cross body bag and a pair of sunglasses and you’re catwalk ready!

Next up and showing us tweed dresses don’t have to be frumpy is Devonian Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.valence1png

Ok, this woman would look great in a bin bag but here’s she’s really showing us the importance of tailoring. It’s a pretty simple tweed but what sets this dress apart is the way it graces over her figure. It goes it at her waist and fans out towards her hips, to cheat the appearance of an hourglass. Moreover, the sleeves perfectly disguise the problematic upper arms which most women want to hide.

This season dresses like this will be all over the high street so I suggest buying one and taking it to a seamstress or, if you’re skilled enough yourself, take it in around the bust and waist to showcase your figure. Be careful with shoulder pads ladies. Remember it’s not the eighties. I’ve seen a couple of dresses like this which one could call ‘boxy’ with hideous pads in. If you like the fabric but not the shoulders, simply have the pads removed. Rosie has really emphasised her make up with a red lip to draw your eyes to her face which I also recommend doing. If you’re not a fan of burning red then try a bold pink. She’s wearing a pair of strappy black heels but a nude or silver pair works just as well and if you’re not blessed with a permanent Los Angeles tan slip on some black opaque tights.

Third on our round up is Brit model and IT girl, Alexa Chung.valence8png

Miss Chung shot to fame in the UK as a presenter on Channel 4’s weekend show T4 but has since made a name for herself as a fashionista and designer, and is often seen on the front row. Honestly, I’m not keen on her bag here because it looks a little frumpy and unstructured, dare I say a little tatty. Personally, I think a nice cross body or a chic leather clutch would look so much better. Perhaps even a mini leather backpack…

However, the way she’s casually slung her pink tweed jacket over her shoulders is so elegant. Her blue and black skirt / top combo is designed to show off her long legs without taking any attention away from the jacket. I would wear a black mini dress but each to their own. If you’re lucky enough to have a designer tweed jacket at home then this is how you should wear it and I guarantee you’ll be complimented every time.

Again, I’ve chosen this look because it’s so easy to replicate at home because we all have a black mini lying around. Whether you want to wear heels or flats is up to you but remember to keep them black so that they don’t detract from the jacket. When the chilly British weather really sets in it’d throw on black tights and a pair of black suede boots.

Australian Academy Award nominee Margot Robbie is the next on our list in a chic monochromatic ensemble.valence2png

White and black will never cease to look great together and Margot is just that.

This look is a little harder to knock off at home simply because you have two tweed items to buy but a good jacket and skirt can be worn together or apart, giving you three different looks. A black cami top is super easy and relatively cheap to rustle up too. This look doesn’t need much more explaining other than stick to a timeless colour so that you will get as much wear out of them as possible.

Another Aussie is up next…Miranda Kerr!valencepng

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while and follow us on Insta (@tamara_harvey_official) you’ll know Miranda is up there with our ultimate street style queens. Here she’s showing us that a tweed mini skirt can be suitable for a girls’ night out but also for the office. Teaming the bright pink with a chic white blouse she’s given herself a great foundation to transition perfectly from day to night. The thing to remember when buying minis is you want it to sit snugly on your waist – not your hips! If it sits across your hips, you’re shortening your legs and it will make you look wider in the middle than you actually are. The line between blouse and tweed needs to be at the smallest part of your waist. Don’t worry if you don’t have a natural hourglass, this tip will create one for you.

The blouse can be any colour but if you’re going for a black or navy in the winter make sure your tights match too. Like with Alexa’s jacket, the focus should be on the skirt. If you want to jazz it up for the night time then paint your lips in a hot pink and embolden your make up. I have a skirt similar to this and, honestly, I wear it religiously from October to February.

And finally, we end with a Spanish beauty, Penélope Cruz.

valence4pngHonestly this whole ensemble is to die for. Maybe minus the beret of course…

I like the colour. I love the length. I love the fit. I love the fabric. I love the details. Bloody hell I just love it all! The only downside about this look is the cost to create it at home. We can all find tweed dresses but one of this quality, colour and fit will be hard without having to spend quite a few bob. If you do stumble across something similar then please write the store on the back of a postcard and post it to us – or maybe just a DM on Instagram….! Don’t hesitate. Buy it. Buy in every colour available if you can too!

The good thing about spending a bit more money is, chances are, you won’t have to fork out for a tailor too. Wear it with nude tights, black tights or no tights at all and you’ll win the style stakes every damn time.

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