A Girl's Best Friend

As I’m writing this, I’m lying on the balcony, frying like a slab of halloumi and it’s, officially, crikey boiling hot. The Saharan bubble has ravaged its way across Europe with temperatures of up to forty degrees – forty degrees!
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I’m not joking, it’s so hot I’m sweating from the back of my knees – I’ve never even seen the back of my knees! I don’t know how the city folk deal with the heat; surrounded by high rise buildings, swamped by car fumes and stuck on sticky public transport. I’m by the sea and even I’m even contemplating a move to the Artic.

Summer nights are for pub gardens, barbeques and drinks with friends which means that switching from work wear to party wear is more important than ever. We need to be able to effortlessly jump from meetings and spreadsheets to sunshine and wine which is where every girl’s best friend comes in.

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The easiest way to transition from work to play is through your accessories and make up. No matter what your job you can’t walk around the office in glittery stilettoes, big hair and false eyelashes without getting some strange looks.

If you’ve got a management meeting at four but drinks with the girls at five thirty this will get you through.

Up Your Shoe Game

If you to wear sensible shoes for work rejoice that the evenings are a different matter. Summer is for chic sandals and bold heels so dig them out of the depths of your wardrobe and toss the granny flats aside.

Navigating pub gardens with four inches beneath your feet and a pitcher of Pimm’s in your hand can be precarious so, if you don’t want to walk like a drunk giraffe, reach for the wedges. 

Bold is Always Better

A bold lip, well-lined and fabulously executed is one of the best things we can do to refresh our look – but remember there’s a fine line between bold and garish. If you’re not adept with applying quick eyeliner, shadow or the falsies then a lipstick is you go-to product. If you’re going bold, keep the rest of your face neutral; it’s bold eyes or bold lips, never both unless you’re a clown.

Invest in Classic Styles

When time is scarce always reach for stylish accessories and our zip pouches are the top of the pile, but hey we're bias! They come in a range of summery colours to match any outfit and with FREE UK delivery on standard orders there's never been a better reason to order!

Untitled design 72jpgDon’t forget! Sunglasses hide a multitude of sins and are compulsory for the morning after. We all know those nights when one cocktail turns into a couple and then before you know it you’re sat on your kitchen floor eating a semi-cooked pizza and cursing the heavens for giving you hairy toes. No? Just me?

The lure of a homemade ice lolly is calling me so I’ll bid you all farewell. Enjoy your evenings in the sunshine and make the most of your downtime.