Back in Stock!

As the legendary rockers AC/DC sang: I'm Back in Black!
Great song. Great band. Great times. ‘Nuff said.

A random and perhaps alarming way to start the blog, you’re probably thinking and you would be correct. That opening even surprised myself! Sacré blue, she doesn’t plan these things beforehand!? Absolutely not. 

What’s back in black (well yellow) is our daffodil leather tote bag! This has been a big hit for us on social media and we’ve even shipped this design all the way to Australia – g’day. So, I thought it’s only right to bring it on back (nearly slipped into an S-Club 7 classic there).

Strong is the new beautifuljpg

As this is one of our bestsellers I can’t guarantee it’ll be hanging around for long so click HERE to add one to your basket.

If black and blue ain’t your thing – can’t believe I just said ain’t…I have a degree you know – if black and blue don’t tickle your fancy our limited-edition baby pink tote is also back in stock.

Strong is the new beautiful 1jpg

Strong is the new beautiful 2jpg
Thank you for reading, I’ve got to dash and edit some photos from our
most recent studio shoot but I shall leave you with a flashback to
the noughties in the UK and S-Club 7’s iconic banger ‘Bring it All Back’.