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If any of you follow our social media accounts (@tamara_harvey_luxury) you shall know that I basically live in the past! Maybe in another life I was around in the 60s…am I the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe…? No. I think we can all be sure that I’m not! Although, she is one of my style icons and as the riff to Can’t Get No Satisfaction came to Keith Richards in a dream and like that of Martin Luther King, I had a dream.

This summer will be an exciting time, not only have I finally finished university (three years and tens of thousands of pounds I will never get back) I will be launching a small capsule collection of clothing all of which will be made in England.

I’ve never quite be able to find what I want in clothing stores; if the colour is right the cut won’t be or if the style is right the colour is wrong or in the worst case scenario the style, cut and colour is perfect but it’s made from the most ghastly, flammable, tacky curtain fabric that is shackled together in a sweat shop in the Far East. Thus, as depicted to me in my dream, I am on a quest, a quest to ride against fast fashion! Ready my horse! And shine my boots! Abi is going into clothing production! Giddy up!

It shall be a small line, focusing on dresses, tops and skirts all of which will have nod to my favourite era and my ultimate style icons. (See below)

jean_shrimpton.jpgaba13204bf39636ef27cfb351a093ecf.jpg    untitled2.png   brigitte-bardot-yellow-dress.jpg



Each item will be made to order so please expect a week’s turn around for your item. And in keeping with my motto: bright, bold and beautiful, each piece will be unlike anything on the high street – in a good way! They’ll be unique pieces of low production runs which will ensure that whether you’re at a wedding or a picnic in the park, you’ll be the belle of the ball! To start we will be offering designs in sizes ranging from an 8 to a 12 and there’ll be no tricky size algorithms like there are on the high street. Don’t even get me started on that madness. Perhaps that should be a reoccurring feature on the blog, Abi’s rants? A time where I highlight each idiosyncrasy of our times…If you would like to read this potential feature please send your name and address on the back of a postcard.

Second thoughts, the world is a crazy enough place at the minute without my ravings on all the errors with modern life and modern dressing. Yes, my worst fears have come true, I have turned into that old lady in the supermarket who complains about hummus whilst declaring “we didn’t have this in the war!” No, I doubt hummus was in circulation in wartime Britain but you know what was? Scurvy. Rickets. German bombers and polio. So no Old Lady in the Supermarket, the country was not a better place in the War.

Sorry. I went off on a tangent… back to it.

I’m still in the designing and sampling stage for my collection but I hope to have the first pieces available to pre-order online from mid-June 2017.

Thanks for reading!

Cheerio! X

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