Here we go...

I have resisted writing a blog for a long time mainly because I personally read very few of them and who wants to read another run of mill fashion blog? Well not I. This is not one of those. THE EDIT is my little book of style, who's who and everything else I think you should know - sound familiar? I plan to irregularly but quite often update this little blog with my musings, inspiration and the idiosyncrasities of being a young entrepreneur.

Did I go to fashion school? Nope. Did I go to business school? Nope!

Do I know what I'm doing? ...of course...!

Growing up there was only two things I really wanted to do, be an entrepreneur or a comedian. On the surface they may seem polar opposites however at their crux, they're both about personality. No body wants to do business with a boring grump and nobody would ever watch a TV show with a boring grump. So what do I really know about fashion? Well I know what I like and what I don't, I know that I value quality and design and that I'm fed up with the homogeneous mass produced rubbish that is cluttering the high street. And so here I go!


All my products are 100% Made in England created from the finest English leather and materials and crafted in central London. No corners are cut in the manufacturing, material sourcing or design because I want to give my customers luxury products with an environmental consciousness in colours that cannot be found on the high street - say goodbye to the standard black handbag and say HELLO to the bag of your dreams! Moreover I have low production runs which ensures product quality and exclusivity. Each TAMARA HARVEY bag comes with natural suede linings, our signature metal zips, delicate edge staining and is embossed with our logo in either gold or silver.

Well has this gone well? Comprehensive and cohesive?

If yes and you would like to read more of my unconscious ramblings please follow me on social media: @tamara_harvey_luxury to recieve blog updates.

Thank you and cheerio!