How To Wear A Mask and Look Stylish

A hearty hello to you all!

I hope you had a great weekend. I spent Saturday and Sunday relaxing in the autumnal sunshine, baking bread (rather hit and miss to be honest) and did a thorough wardrobe blitz. Around this time of the year I put on my hard hat, safety goggles and rubber gloves, and delve into my wardrobe. Like a miner going underground, I’m trying to find a hidden gem! The problem is I just have far too many clothes and the majority I just never wear and can’t see myself wearing ever again. There’re heaps of dresses which were cute in 2009/2010 but not now! I have so many thick jumpers it’s actually ridiculous because I only ever wear the same two or three. I must have gone through a mad phase of hoarding knitwear… I look at these clothes and do a mental tally of how much they would have cost…and it’s actually sickening!

As we get older, we get better at dressing and I’m sure my resolution for 2021 will be to slim down my wardrobe, switch garish prints and patterns for classic monotone mixes and try to be more elegant and refined. I’ve said it before but my wardrobe resembles an explosion in a colour factory! Of course, I won’t ditch my bold reds and yellows but I’ve concluded that wearing bright pink capri trousers with an electric yellow top is probably…well, a bit much!

I’m going off on a tangent now…but back to the topic this week. Olivia Palermo has nailed wearing masks. Yes, the style queen has been shown that masks don’t have to be ugly. Personally, I prefer to wear fabric ones when I head to the shops because I find them more breathable but when I’m on the train up to London and riding the Tube I always wear a medical mask for extra layer of protection against nasty bacteria.

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I love her style in these photos however I don't like it when people wear silk scarves as masks – wear a proper mask!! I was on a flight in July coming back from Italy and the most obnoxious couple were wearing Hermès silk scarves over their mouth despite the BA staff asking them to wear something substantial. They barely wore them anyway and refused to cover their mouth – they were so ridiculous it’s not worth talking about! I know people have their personal preferences but any doctor and virologist will say that silk scarves aren’t as effective as other fabric masks.

How to Look Stylish When Wearing A Mask?

Taking a look at Olivia’s best outfits there’s a handful of things we mere mortals can do to improve our mask game

1)     Co-ordinate colours

If you have a collection of homemade masks then you can easily co-ordinate your outfit to your mask. If your mask is one solid colour such as blue, it will be complimentary against a patterned dress or skirt for example. White is such as fail-safe colour and with routine washes it should withstand any staining. If you want to be bolder and have a patterned mask then make sure the rest of your outfit is monotone to avoid any clashing.

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2)     Don’t skip out on your hair

Just because part of our face is covered and we don’t necessarily need to wear make-up, we shouldn’t let our hair go to ruin! It should still be smooth, glossy and voluminous if it can. To be honest, I’m such a hypocrite for writing this because my hair is always in a messy bun or hidden under a hat. I tried not to dye my hair in lockdown because I wanted to restore some vitality to my lacklustre locks and made a pledge to take a bit more time to care for my hair.

3)     Wear sunglasses

Oh, I do love a great pair of sunglasses and there’s nothing better to wear with a mask when you want to go incognito. Personally, I wear sunglasses all year round but I’ve developed an unfortunate habit of sitting on them. I had a fantastic pair of Nicole Farhi sunglasses which I wore for years and years until the beginning of lockdown and I stood on them – what an idiot! I haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement but if you’re got lots of sunnies like Olivia you can easily co-ordinate them to your outfit and mask.

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That’s it for this week. I know it’s short but sweet. Don’t forget to share and follow us on Pinterest if you want more celebrity street style inspiration!


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