I'm still alive!!

Hellooo! It’s me again!
I know I deserve a slap on the wrist for not updating the blog in
forever – 8th December 2018 – yikes! Many apologies, some of you will
know what it’s like running your own business; some days are good, some
days are bad and the majority of days in between you’re snowed under
with work and there’s simply not enough daylight hours.
Quite a few things have happened since December so I’ll try to keep them
concise and in some sort of chronological order:
•      New website design
•      Relaunched our two-tone zip pouches
•      Partnered with our fabulous new stockist SilkFred (www.silkfred.com)
•      Build my own photography studio – goodbye dining room and hello
endless content creation
•      Appeared at two trade shows
•      Had a great Christmas pop up at Salcombe Yacht Club
Blimey and that’s all the things I can remember.
Most exciting is our partnership with SilkFred, an online fashion store
for women selling a range of clothes and accessories from the country’s
up and coming designers.

The photography studio was something I have been longing to create since
the dawn of this venture and I’m pleasured to say it’s, so far, working
a treat. I purchased the basic equipment (halogen lamps, three
backdrops, stands etc) off Amazon. Trusty Amazon. And sourced or
made any future backdrops, additional reflectors and props myself. A bit of
ingenuity and a hell of a lot of glue gun sticks go a long way kids. As
does a shed load of grey gaffer tape. Marvellous stuff. If you’ve been
watching our Instagram stories diligently, you will have seen images of
my studio and some of our recent shoots. If you haven’t – shame on you!
– you can follow us on Instagram by clicking HERE.
Anything else to update you with?
The Great Dane is still alive and kicking. World domination is still in
the pipeline. And I have two extra colours to add to our tote bag

Time to say goodbye for now but I promise to update the blog more
regularly. Have a good day wherever you are in this crazy world and as
the French say au revoir, or as the Russians say dasvidaniya but as I say,
Ciao diddly.

Whoops I forgot to say that you can also follow us on Tumblr!