If you follow us on social media and read the blog regularly (when I remember to update it!) you’ll know that like a magnet weird things just seem to be attracted to me. Now I’m not complaining because it makes great vlog content (follow our YouTube channel, the link’s below) but being photobombed by a hairy man dressed as Aladdin on a motorised flying carpet really takes the biscuit.

I’m not even kidding. Monty Python couldn’t have written it better.

Like each one of our photoshoots Billie and I filled up the Volvo estate with camera equipment, handbags, a roaming wardrobe, a first aid kit and enough make up to sink Clinique (other cosmetic brands are available) ready to set off early for another adventure. This week’s location was Torquay marina where the plan was to get some crisp, nautical-ish shots of my handbags with the sun rising over the pier in the background. As fantastic as that sounds there was one thing we forgot…it was bloody freezing. Excuse my French. I have a degree (I know how unbelievable that sounds) and so I should have known that pre 8am on a November morning it would be frosty and cold alas I didn’t and wore a pair of deck shoes. Let’s just take a moment of reflection to remember my lost toes…

The good thing about shooting early is that no one is around and you can get your images quickly and easily as long as you ignore the impending frostbite. The pier was slightly frosty underfoot and the benches were wet thanks to the overnight rain but as the ever consummate professionals that Billie and I like to think we are, we soldiered on. Soon an hour went and my feet morphed into literal blocks of ice – again no exaggeration, I am known worldwide for my straight, no nonsense story telling.

Of course a snack break called and for once we were sans sandwiches so we went to the beacon of warmth and light on a winter’s day otherwise known as Costa. Wahhayyy! Can I just say if you’re ever doing a science experiment and you need to get an accurate sample size of the population go to Costa because my word there are some characters in there. It was like a distillation of human kind. There were exercise cycling types in tight black lycra (honestly that is not a good look, trust me I work in fashion. Burn those lycra jumpsuits.), the nerds, the artistic types designing new websites, the business savvy ones, the young millennials with their fifth-limb-IPhones and then us.

One latte and a soya hot chocolate later we were back on the move and the pier was one again graced with my Kate Moss style modelling until I noticed something in the distance. And bless my little suede deck shoes because before my eyes was Aladdin on a flying carpet.

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