Kate Bosworth: CHEAT Her Style

Hello ladies!

I know it's been a week or two since our last blog post but we've been super busy at T.H HQ...however we haven't forgotten about all you lovely, loyal readers so today we're discussing style. Now, some of you may never have heard of her before but Kate Bosworth is an American actress (Superman Returns and The Horse Whisperer) and producer and has the enviable looks to be a supermodel - I know, annoying isn't it! The rest of us are sat at home in our pyjamas, munching biscuits, watching a bit of reality TV and still struggling with spots whilst she's hitting the ball out of the style park every damn time.
Alas, fret nor frustrate any longer because I've compiled some of Kate's best looks over the last couple of years and am going show you how you can cheat them at home.


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Right! Let's get into it!

Untitled design19png

I think this is just such a great look for the winter time, whether you're heading to the office or going out for drinks with your friends, I think this look works for nearly every occasion. The boots are going to keep your feet warm, give you a bit of extra height and are effortlessly practical. The belt is great to pull everything in and remind everyone you have a waist whilst the dress itself is feminine with a great hint of rock chic! If you don't want to go bare legged like Kate then whack on a pair of black or nude tights and you're good to go. If you were wanting to dress this look up a bit more than I'd suggest swapping the boots for your go-to black heels.

RB - 373278png  PATRIZIA PEPE - 8050843836559JPGMICHAEL KORS - 1190221png  

And now it's the juicy bit! How you can cheat Kate's style on the British high street! The hardest item to match was the dress but I was able to find this Michael Kors one. You can wear any good pair of black boots you have as long as they're ankle length, here I've gone for a Russell & Bromley pair. I love a chunky black belt; they're just so good for sucking everything in especially after the festive season when I've consumed my body weight in food and drink!!! Today I've chosen this belt from Patrizia Pepe but you'll be sure to find a black belt in any high street shop you look in. With this look remember to keep your accessories elegant and discrete - the eye should be focused on the print of the dress not on any shiny gold buckles on your belt.

Kate Bosworth's original look is great but, of course, she's missing a Tamara Harvey bag! I'd pair her with our black Marianne cross body bag because she's at an evening event and we want to keep the black colour scheme going. However, if she were heading to the office, I'd say our orange leather tote bag would be a great addition as you can fit everything in it (including a small laptop) and it'll add a bright pop of colour!

Untitled design 18jpgUntitled design 14jpg
I simply adore Kate's next look because of its timeless and universal quality.

Untitled design18png

Nobody has ever looked bad in a camel coat, this is just a fact ladies! I strongly recommend paying a little bit more and buying a really good quality camel coat but just remember what sets an expensive, high-quality coat apart from a cheaper, mass-produced coat is always the details. Check the buttons, check the hem and any stitching. You want to look a million pounds without having a million-pound budget!

Ok so I love the colour of her dress but for my body shape I could never wear a long maxi dress like this. If you're under five foot six and unless you're good at walking in sky-high heels, don't wear a maxi dress because it will only shrink your figure and make you look like you've put on a few pounds! With this in mind I've chosen a shorter dress from the high street.

AND OTHER STORIES - 0801026001png REISS - 65604713png OFFICE - 3537900000png

This dress from And Other Stories still has the high neck and long sleeves like Kate's version does but it's got a more universally flattering length plus I bloody adore its print! This dress would be great for winter and summer and is definitely on my sales shopping list! Because it stops just short of the knee you can be sexy and show a bit of leg without being too overt. The old wives' tale is true; when it comes to being sexy and elegant it's either one or the other. If you've got your legs out then don't show cleavage and vice versa. Of course, this isn't the Victorian era! Everyone can dress how they like but I think there's a certain sexiness to not having everything on show!

As I said above, a camel coat will do you wonders and see you through every stage in your life. I honestly wish I'd invested in one sooner. Now, this beauty is from Reiss but of course you can find one in every high street shop. The heels are from Office and, just like camel coats, investing in a good pair of strappy black heels can never be a mistake ladies.

As this is more of an evening outfit and could never look out of place at any of the world's top five-star hotels, I'd definitely pair it with our black leather zip pouch or black cross body bag.

Untitled design 18jpg171215_STUDIO_BRITISH_ORIGINALS-024jpg
This next look - my word! - it was hard to find dupes for! This photograph was taken several years ago so trying to find current versions of these past designer items was not easy - noooo waaayyy! I ate a whole bar of chocolate and a packet of ready salted crisps whilst hunting the web for these dupes! I know, so much for getting fit and healthy in 2020!
Untitled design17png

If you're new to the blog - hello to you - then you won't know about my love for colour. If you've had a look at our products then you'll know I always believe in bright, bold and beautiful! It's the simple mantra I created about four years ago and I stick to it in life. You'll never catch me wearing anything grey unless they're ski thermals but that's a different matter...

I always go for colour and when I saw Kate's look, I knew I had to replicate it somehow! Ok, I'll admit not all of us have the courage to wear yellow trousers especially in winter so this may be more of a spring look but it's still darn fabulous!

Let's waste no more time chums and get into the dupes!

SUISTUDIO - LPB0359jpg WHISTLES - 01603073235png tre Ccile FRENT180GCOTTONJERSEYpng

Ok ladies, I told you I struggled to find high street versions of her look and I really did. In the words of Bear Grylls 'adapt, improvise and overcome', alright I'm paraphrasing him a bit but you get my meaning. The trousers are from Suis Studio and will look great at summer BBQs with a nice top and flipflops as well as in the winter with a black jumper and black pumps. Ok, you may risk looking like a bumblebee in black and yellow but I think it'd still look cool. The silver sandals are from Whistles and the t-shirt is from a great French brand which I love called Être Cécile.

And finally, the last look of #CHEATHerStyle this month.

I've deliberately chosen this next look of Kate's because it is so effortlessly simple but still glamorous and bound to get you noticed at a party. Her make-up is very toned down and simple which we can all do and her hair is styled in easy waves which will only take a few minutes to do with a curling wand.

Untitled design13png

If you have a fun, relaxed work environment, I'm sure you could get away wearing a silver mini skirt with bare legs but I think it's better suited for the evening. I'd wear this if I were heading to a nice restaurant or a cocktail bar, I know some of you might think the jumper's a bit too thick for a hot, crowded cocktail bar but I've chosen a thinner one for our dupe.

Now, there is only one thing wrong with this look and it's her shoes. Unless they're flip flops, don't wear white shoes ladies. Weddings excluded. I just think they look tacky and cheap, I'm sorry but they really do plus they're going to get dirty super quickly. You're going to be spending more time cleaning white shoes than wearing them.

MADELEINE - 28 55 05KpngSandro_SFPJU00180-201_V_Pjpg

The white jumper is from a new brand I've discovered called Madeleine whilst the skirt is from French designer brand Sandro. I'm a little stumped to what shoes you could wear with this look now I've trashed anything white. I suppose you could recycle the Whistle silver sandals from above... or if you have a nice pair of smart, leather trainers you could definitely wear them to make the look more casual. If you are going to buy a white pair of heels then go for a sandal style like the Whistles' ones. Don't buy white heeled pumps because they are so tacky!

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