Metallic Party Make-Up

Hello chums! We're back and this week we're discussing fun, metallic make-up looks for the upcoming party season. Now, if the idea of eye primers, concealers and winged liners has got you feeling dizzy don't worry because we’ve rounded up a collection of looks for a range of skin tones, eye shapes and, of course, abilities. Enjoy!

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Copper, Copper Baby…

Copper is the go-to, fail safe colour for those with brown, green and hazel eyes as it will bring out those warmer tones. It will also work well for those with blue eyes however, like some of the photos above show, you need a good knack to apply it as a high pigment will be unforgiving. If you’ve messed up, applied too much or taken the shadow out far too wide then simply wipe and start again. Don’t believe the ads ladies, you don’t have to splurge on a cataclysmically expensive make up remover to do the job. A bit of warm water and soap on a cotton pad will do just fine otherwise I recommend Clinique’s Take The Day Off™ Make Up Remover. I always carry their 50ml bottle in my make-up bag when travelling along with some cotton buds in case I want to really wing my liner or shadow.

The key to all eye shadow is BLEND, BLEND AND BLEND SOME MORE!Untitled design23jpg

(Left to Right: Yves Saint Laurent Sequin Crush Eye Shadow in Confident Nude, e.l.f. No Budge Shadow Stick in Metallic Mocha, Clarins 4 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in N.01)

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True Blue

A metallic blue isn’t one of the most flattering colours you can apply to your eyes because it’s not for the faint hearted! As you can see it works well with most skin tones and eye shapes depending on how you apply it. A fail-safe bet for those with limited skills is to create a thin metallic liner to hug your lash line such as that shown in the bottom left image.

I’d recommend splashing out a bit more and buying a shadow with a lot of pigment so it won’t fade throughout the night or fall onto your cheeks. If you’re going to try this look then be warned any mistakes will be evident! Metallic blue is perfect for those with grey, brown or blue eyes.

Untitled design24jpg (Left to Right: DIOR Limited Edition 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 977, Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes, Yves Saint Laurent Couture Palette for Smokey Eyes in Rive Gauche)

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All That Glitters is Golden

Gold is perfect not just for the festive season because it is endlessly versatile and matches every skin tone and eye colour. Whether it’s spring luncheons, summer cocktail parties or fall walks, I use gold all year round. Either lay it all over you lid, use it as a simple liner to make your eyes look brighter or place it in the corner of your eye to make them look larger, you pretty much can never go wrong.

This is my favourite metallic and a always carry a palette in my make-up bag. If you’re not feeling a bold lip or statement eyeliner, a touch of gold is all you need to look fabulous. And guess what?! You never need to worry about looking ‘age appropriate’. Gold will never go out of style. Now ladies whilst the above photos look effortless, they’re not suitable for all of us and our varied make up abilities. Personally, unless I’m doing a smokey eye or dressing up as a pirate, I never apply product to my bottom lash line. I know some make up artists will want to throw their brushes at me for this but I’ve simply come to the conclusion that it doesn’t suit me. Everybody is different and has different desires from their make-up – and that’s fine! Make up is sort of like dating; there’s lots of different products on the market but it takes practice, a bit of research and some patience before you find what suits you best.Untitled design25jpg(Left to Right: Yves Saint Laurent Couture Mono High-impact colour eyeshadow in Jouissance, Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette Contouring Eyeshadows in Golden Nudes, Yves Saint Laurent Sequin Crush Eye Shadow in Legendary Gold)

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Silver Baby

Much like gold, you can’t really ever go wrong with a touch of silver but it really is a colour limited to the festive period. If your skills aren’t too great or you want to keep things elegant and simple, I’d suggest a thin swipe of a silver eyeliner with lashings of black mascara. It’ll make your eyes pop without much effort. Whilst it’s a great colour for the party season, I wouldn’t recommend slathering your lids in silver for the office. Sometimes when it comes to metallic make up less really is more so don’t try to overdo it. Remember: what looks striking on a runway can look garish in real life, no matter how fabulously talented you are. Silver will look best on grey eyes and, like gold, it isn’t limited to certain age groups.

Untitled design26jpg

(Left to Right: Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Defining Eyeshadow in Steely Lilac, Clinique All About Shadow Quads in Smoke and Mirrors, Yves Saint Laurent Sequin Crush Eye Shadow in Empowered Silver)

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Some Like It Hot…Pink

Like the metallic blue, pink has a high margin for error but when applied properly – not over caked nor slap dash – it can be striking. Not everyone could pull off something like this but, again, go for a shadow with a high pigment and make sure your prime your eyelids so you’ll have the best base for applications. If you’re going all out on the eyes then keep to a neutral lip and minimal contour. That goes for your outfit too, keep it classy and one singular colour such as black or white; the focus has to be on your eyes. Metallic pink is best on those with brown or hazel eyes.

Practice! Practice! Practice! Remember there’s a fine line between a fun pop of colour and looking like you’ve got conjunctivitis ladies so choose a blush or champagne pink instead of a reddish hue unless you’re dark skinned.

Untitled design27jpg(Left to Right: Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette Contouring Eyeshadows in Rose Nudes, e.l.f. No Budge Shadow Stick in Rose Gold, Estee Lauder Oh Naturelle! Eyeshadow Palette By Violette)

So that’s nearly it from us ladies, just remember: if you’re going to knock it out of the park with your make up then make sure your outfit (dress, jumpsuit, trousers etc) is toned down. Don’t turn up to a festive party in a bright red, tight dress, paint your eyes with hot pink eyeshadow and silver eyeliner, and then backcomb your hair. You’ll make heads turn, but unfortunately ladies, it won’t be for the right reasons!

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Please note: all model images have been sourced from Pinterest and product images from Google.