Olivia Palermo's Best Style Moments of 2019

She’s the New York based model, designer and original fashion blogger. Yes, this week we’re documenting Olivia Palermo’s best street style moments of 2019! If you’ve been reading our blog and following our social channels for a while now – well done to you! – we love to talk all things O.P. Her style is fun, modern but always elegant and, most importantly, easy to copy at home. Ok, very few of us will have her slender figure especially after the festive season when we’ve munched a million mince pies, consumed copious glasses of wine and gorged ourselves on chocolate until our stomachs hurt…however! This quick rundown of her best street style moments haven’t been chosen because of the luxury designers she’s wearing, the total cost of any outfits or the event she was attending; all these images have been chosen because we admire her outfit, hair and make-up, and would love to wear it ourselves.

Hopefully, it will give you some inspiration for the January sales…hurrah! So, without further ado here is our favourite Olivia Palermo’s style moments of 2019.

Untitled design15png

Untitled design14png

Untitled design13png

So that’s it!

Of course, we couldn’t include every single photo we liked – the woman gets snapped thousands of times a day during fashion week so we had to be cruel to be kind and try to compile short but sweet variety of different looks. The woman must have a million different sunglasses; we’re infinitely jealous!

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*Photographs have been sourced from Pinterest and Google. We do not own the rights to these photographs.