Our Current Go-To Skin Products

I was once oblivious about skincare; you could talk about toners, blackhead exfoliation and hydrating primers and it’d be way over my head. Fast forward several years, hours of video tutorials and research later, and I’m pretty decent on my skincare knowledge. Could I sit an A-Level on anti-blemish solutions? Absa-frigging-lutely. The prospect of buying a new product, seeing pretty packaging and testing new treats fills me with more excitement than…eating chocolate. Which really is saying something because O’ Lordy I love a good choc! For every Christmas and birthday, I hanker for new products and stalk the beauty counters. Lockdown affected everyone’s skin and beauty routine so I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of the products I’m putting on my skin right now.

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Clinique – Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser

I use this every night to wash my face before I go to bed and have been a devoted fan of this product for years. I will never give this up! It lathers a lot, leaves my face smooth and clean and isn’t fragranced. I have sensitive skin but this doesn’t leave it feeling dry or rough. It effectively removes make-up residue and excess oils too. If I could never use any other product to wash my face, I’d be content. Sometimes I squeeze a bit onto my hand and wash my face like that or I squeeze it onto my sonic cleansing brush – both way this cleanser works exceptionally well. It’s a great mid-range product that delivers great value for money.

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La Mer – Cleansing Oil

I have to admit this was given to me as a Christmas present and I doubt I would have bought it myself without at least trying a couple of testers first. La Mer are a French luxury beauty brand which is incredibly hard to find on the British high street; you’re not going to stumble across them in Boots. You need to either buy from their website or from premium department stores and online stockists like Net A Porter. This product is my first of the brand. I’ve been aware of La Mer for a long time but have never stumped up the cash to purchase one of their products. As I said, they’re a luxury beauty brand and their signature moisturiser is £355 for 100ml. For me, I don’t care what name is on a product as long as it actually works and is cruelty free. When I first used the La Mer cleansing oil it made my skin breakout for two weeks! I am prone to an oily nose and forehead so now I only use it a maximum of two times a week. I will use it to wash my face before sleep, in the shower or with a cotton pad to help remove make-up. It smells nice, is pearlised and the packaging is very high-quality. Once it runs out, I will switch to either their cleansing gel or foam, whichever one is more suitable for my skin type. Would I recommend you purchase it? Yes, if you can afford to and would try something special.

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Clinique – Liquid Face Soap

So, you can probably guess by now that I’m a HUGE fan of Clinique; their products are unscented, reasonably priced and highly effective. This is a mild liquid soap that foams generously and leaves your face feeling fresh and clean. I use it in the morning when I wake up before I put any other products on my face. They also sell it in a smaller travel size tube and I take this wherever I go.

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Clinique – 72hr Moisture Surge

Yes, another Clinique product! I’ve tried various combinations of their moisturisers and this by far is the best one for me. It just ticks all the boxes and suits my skin type. It also lasts a really long time! You don’t need much; about the size of a pea for your face. It spreads really well, absorbs quickly and leaves my face feeling silky smooth.

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Le Labo – Santal 33

Nope it’s not a skincare product but it does go on my skin! I rarely ever wear perfume day to day simply because I’ve never really been that sort of person. I’ve realised that I’m most productive when I don’t have any make-up on, my hair is in a high bun and I’ve got no perfume on. I don’t know why but it’s just true! This Le Labo perfume was another Christmas gift and really took me by surprise. I’d seen their products and was familiar with the brand but had never tried nor bought anything from them before. As I said, I’m not a huge perfume wearer but the moment I smelt this…it was just so refreshing and different to anything I’d ever smelt before that I was pretty lost for words. It’s not overwhelming or sickly floral but has what can only be described as a clean smell…! On the occasions that I do wear perfume, such as important meetings, evenings out or when I want to feel really put together, then this Santal 33 is my go-to. I have a collection including Chanel and Elie Saab but Le Labo is trumps them all isn’t common at all.

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Clinique – Mineral Fluid Sun Screen

I am very cautious about the sun hitting my face and I always cover my face with a hat or towel when I sunbathe. Finding a great face sun cream which isn’t greasy, make your face white or clog your pores is very difficult. It’s not exactly cheap for its size but I’ve been using this all summer and it is still more than half full. It is also formulated for sensitive skin but Clinique have a range of sun cream created for different skin types so definitely check them out.

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Clinique – Make Up Remover

Ok, I am a bit of a Clinique junkie! I promise this is not sponsored by Clinique; I really just believe they offer great value for money for their products. I used to wear make-up all the time and slap it on heavy too – false eyelashes, dark contour, lots of eyeliner and shadow until the point that my skin was literally suffocating! For the last two or so years I’ve stripped that all back and only wear make-up when I’m going out in the evenings, meeting someone or shooting content. If I’m feeling like it, I’ll put on a coating of mascara but I won’t wear foundation. This make-up remover is adept at cutting through the layers of make-up sludge after a night out! It doesn’t dry out your skin either and comes in handy travel sizes too.

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Simple – Pure Soap for Sensitive Skin

My skin is very sensitive to fragrances and can become very dry but these bar of soaps from Simple are…a miracle! Occasionally I do get dry skin especially on my face and legs but far less than I used to since I switched to these. They’re not perfumed or tinted with colour which is great plus they’re available at literally every supermarket!

That was just a little roundup of the go-to products I put on my sensitive skin. I know I use a lot of Clinique! There are some other brands out there that will do just as well but for me I’ve tried and tested so many products and keep coming back to Clinique because aren’t filled with nasties. I'm going to be trying out some new products from other brands soon so follow us on Instagram (@tamara_harvey_official) to hear my thoughts!