Our Made in England Ethos


Each part of our products are 100% Made in England. We only use the finest English leather and materials from suppliers of the highest quality so that our products are not only beautiful and fashion forward but they are built to last. I can’t shout it enough but EVERY SINGLE PART of our PRODUCTS are MADE IN ENGLAND! I’ve told customers this and I watch their face wrinkle with realisation… “Wait even the stitching?” YES EVERYTHING!

As a country we have a great tradition with manufacturing and artisan crafts which in recent years has been forgotten in favour for mass produced cheap items from China and beyond. These goods are not built to last, they are built to be consumed at an ever increasing rate which has harmful impacts upon our Earth. The fashion industry releases 2.1 million tons of carbon dioxide each year –that’s 10% of global carbon emissions. (The Eco Guide)

At TAMARA HARVEY we source as locally as we can to minimalise our carbon footprint, we do not pack our products with excessive packaging and the packaging we do use such as our tissue paper is made from recycled materials. Being environmentally friendly no longer has to mean that you forgo on style.

In addition, the leather we use is as I said of the highest quality but also comes from native English cows, not only does this again cut down the carbon emissions for shipping rolls and rolls of hides around the world but it also ensures that each cow is treated well, nurtured and lived a happy life.

Arguably, the biggest threat to humanity in the coming years is our environment and TAMARA HARVEY through our Made in England ethos is a brand committed to doing our part. Design, quality and sustainability are core integrities to us. The reason I started TAMARA HARVEY was because I was just so fed up with the monotony of the high street and the overvalued products of the luxury market. I wanted a handbag that was bright, bold and beautiful, of the highest quality and was value for money. Very rarely do you see those three combinations together. The luxury market I felt was (and is) great on design but as well all know with the big brands the majority of the time you’re paying for the name and not the quality. I would say Hermes is the exception to that rule. The high street is cluttered with the same bags, made from the same synthetic cheap materials all of which come from basically the same factory.

I could rant on about this all day but sadly society in previous years has turned away on quality in favour for mass produced cheap goods which only increases our dependence on landfill when two weeks after you purchase them they break. Three out of four garments that we buy will end up in landfills or be incinerated. (Greenpeace)

However now the tides are changing, and quality is coming back into fashion.

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Have a nice day!