Saturday Style - The Dreaded Gym

In case you’ve been living under a rock recently and haven’t heard, 2018 is the year for self-improvement and getting fit. Although I fear they say that every year…

This year is allegedly different but there’s one thing that doesn’t change and that’s the bubbling panic of stepping into the gym and the wearing those dreaded lycra leggings. Now from my twenty one years on this planet I’ve come to a conclusion and that, brace yourself, is this: gym wear may look great on an itsy bitsy model or mannequin but on a real person, and by that I mean not sample size, you can end up feeling like a whale stuffed into a pair of fish net tights or God forbid a right plonker.

I’ve recently become that annoying sort of person who exercises (and likes to tell everyone about it), only drinks raw smoothies (because it’s not like they were cooked before) and dreams of that ‘perfect summer body’ despite the fact that as I’m writing this now there’s about a foot of snow outside and it’s blowing a gale. Anyway, so as I’m on the ‘journey’ to become the ‘new me’ I’ve decided to put together a little segment I like to call Saturday Style where each week through the magic of Polyvore and my own brain I put together a look whether it be for a wedding, the gym or a first date the opportunities are endless, and share it with you the world wide web. How marvellous!

So to kick it off as you may have guessed I’ve put together my perfect gym ensemble which won’t nip, prod or mark your skin in anyway and thus will in fact aid your workout. #science



Of course we’ve got to start at the bottom with a good pair of trainers, personally mine are luminous yellow and glow in the dark but hey! A pair of leggings are essential as the majority of us won’t be caught dead in those Kylie Minogue style shorts. Whilst black is easy a colourful pair with the all right decorations in all the right places can make legs appear slimmer which is something we’d all like. With an oversized t-shirt or jumper you can hide a multitude of sins like the packet of biscuits I’ve munching through right now! I didn’t say I ONLY drink raw smoothies…a girl’s got to have some vices…

Not only does a baggy tee hide the wobbly bits it also gracefully hangs over the bum.

Finding a sturdy sports bra for the bigger bust is like standing outside in hurricane trying to catch a seagull with a crab line. – Ok I shall admit that metaphor is lost on me too but hey ho, let’s continue. Forgo a sports bra and you could end up with a black eye, go for the sports bra and you’re seven out of ten times uncomfortable but there are some good ones out there and the only way to find your fit is to try before you buy. Take an armful and go to the changing room. Some to be frank are ugly but as long as you’ve got that oversized tee and it does the job does it really matter?

Hydration is key as everyone keeps telling me but if you’re not a keen on prosecco water a good alternative. Music is a good motivator and whether you like house, Motown, trance or the latest clap from a man-child named Justin Bieber remember to bring your headphones and a portable charger.

Of course all these things need to be carried and kept safe and what would you know there’s a perfect bag for that! And! And, get this, they’re made in England too. Mon dieu!

Yep, our leather tote bags are not only stylish and ethical they’re also darn practical with a secure zip pocket to stash your car keys, phone and wallet. Not only that, the size of them offers enough room for trainers, towel, jumper, water bottle and even some snacks to keep you going.

What a day it is to be alive!

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Have a good day and don’t forget to stretch!