Sewing Scrubs For Our NHS

Hello lovelies,

I know you will have heard this a lot recently but I hope you’re doing well and staying safe during this crazy, difficult and uncertain time. Yes, we all know that Covid-19 is seeking to bring this great country to its knees but the last few weeks have proved that nothing can break the British spirit.

It’s a monumentally tough time for everyone in retail as orders and supply chains have dried up overnight. High street giants have fallen into administration and more will do over the next two months. Start-ups have had to delay their launches. Bricks and mortar stores can’t pay rent. And the troubles go on.

I was looking forward to writing a funny blog post about summer style and preparing for spring weddings but it all seems trivial now. It’s been a weird time for us as a brand, we were riding a high at the beginning of the year and had new stockists lined up but now we’re forced to stop. We can’t shoot anymore content apart from the video content I do at home for YouTube (click HERE). We can’t manufacture anymore designs because our factory in London has closed. Of course, we’re still shipping and selling as normal through our website and stockists so don’t worry if you have ordered from us in the last few days. Your order is on its way but with disruptions to couriers and the like it may take longer than normal.

Instead of moping around the house like a forlorn puppy we’ve decided to put our technical sewing skills and professional machines to good use.


Yes! We’re sewing scrubs for the NHS!

I always wanted to start my own clothing range but this wasn’t exactly what I had imagined!

We’re sewing for South Devon Scrubs Angels and have already completed our first batch of scrubs for local hospitals and GP surgeries.


As I’m quickly writing this, we’re awaiting our next delivery of materials to make our second batch. If you’re handy with a sewing machine and have the time to spare please get in touch with South Devon Scrubs Angels and offer your services. If you can’t sew but still want to help and raise awareness for the great people giving up their time to help the NHS during this difficult time then please share this article. Head to our Facebook page (click HERE) and share our sewing scrubs photos.

That’s about all from me today. I’ve got bake some bread and orange custard tarts (major yummy) before we start manufacturing scrubs again!