Staying Fresh and Healthy in Quarantine

Ahhhhh another week in lockdown...great. (!)

There does look like there's a light at the end of the tunnel as the media are reporting another slump in cases and the Government begin their measures to ease us out of lockdown.
However, I have to admit my motivation has slumped and I've found it increasingly hard to stay productive and - most importantly - creatively inspired. It's very hard to do content shoots when we're now allowed to leave our house and any time outside has been limited. The government changed restrictions last week but we're still a way away from things going back to normal.
If you've listened to our recent podcast episode (click HERE if you haven't) then you'll know how hard the fashion industry has been hit by the pandemic. Big brands and small brands have collapsed under the strain, lots of people have been made redundant and production lines have ceased.

In our case we were looking forward to a summer of content shoots, launching new products and strategic partnerships however all that has had to be put on ice.

Nothing productive or creative comes from being mopey and down so, just like the song by Frank Sinatra sometimes you've just got to put on a happy face and that's what this post is all about. You may not feel like getting dressed up, slapping on the make-up or doing your hair this week- no one would blame you – but I'm a firm believer in staying positive and looking forward so this week's post is about post-quarantine self-care and beauty.

I developed a later interest in beauty and skincare; it wasn't until I was at university when I really started to learn about make-up and the power of a proper skincare routine. When I say proper, I don't mean full on American Psycho...

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So let's jump straight into the make-up I can't wait to wear again when this lockdown is over and we can all enjoy going out!

Wearing A Red Lipstick Without Dirtying Your Face Mask

We'll probably be wearing face masks for a while yet and whilst you can purchase some fabulously stylish masks nothing compares to wearing a great red lip.

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Here Natalie Portman is rocking my perfect post-quarantine make-up. A statement red lip, easy wavy hair and enhanced eyes. My golden rule wearing a red lip is to keep everything else natural and minimal - nobody wants to look like a clown.

giphy 28gif

Actually Bothering With Eye Shadow

A confession: I haven't worn eyeshadow since we went into lockdown in March. In the grand scheme of things wearing eyeshadow is not high on the list of priorities right now - it's not even on the list!

Untitled design77png

Whilst confined to the house and garden now has never been a better time to go through your make-up and toss out anything that’s out of date – yes even foundation has a used by date! I’m such a sucker for buying beauty products using them once or twice and then they get put into a drawer and forgotten about. I’m an eye shadow hoarder, yes, I’ll put my hand up and admit it! I must have more golden eyeshadows than there’s rooms in Buckingham Palace but do I use any of them? Probably only two.

If you find yourself bored over the next couple of days, go to your make-up drawer and throw everything out that you don’t use anymore. It feels great, it frees up space and you may even rediscover an old favourite.

I've Even Forgotten What Contour Is...

...and I don't care anymore! Like eye-shadow, I used to love to contour and felt almost naked without it but in a post-quarantine world I'm sure I'm going to ditch it.

Untitled design78png

The last couple of months I’ve really enjoyed having a fresh face – my skin can actually breathe! The idea of slapping on contour and powders to try to enhance my cheekbones just sounds marginal now. My focus is going to be on fresh, glowing natural skin with make-up which enhances not masks.

Taking Time To Care For My Hair

For the last two months all I've done with my hair is scrape it into a bun (très un-chic) or a pony tail for when I've taken the dog a walk. No curlers. No straighteners. No hairspray. No mousse. Some days (most days) I've skipped brushing it too. A part of me doesn't see the point of wasting expensive styling products and time when I have nowhere to go and no one to see! However today is different, I was listening to the latest episode of Fearne Cotton's Happy Place podcast featuring Daisy May Cooper (it's utterly fabulous) and decided I would change my routine. I've actually bothered to apply Moroccan oil this morning, took time to blow dry it and even semi-styled it. I say semi because I had great visions of a chignon but it failed and looks more like a pasty on my head.

Untitled design79png

Here Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr is giving us total hair vibes with her relaxed, silky, smooth curls. This style is definitely something we can all manage and is relatively effortless. Just changing the how we do our hair and taking the time to look after our hair whether it be with masks or oils will positively impact our attitude for the day. In times like these I really think it is the little things that matter.

And Now For Lockdown Skincare...

I'll be the first to admit that my approach to skincare has changed since lockdown. I'm no longer covering my face is make-up so my skin has had a chance to breathe and I'm not using any harsh removers.


I can go into more depth about my skincare routine in another post but during lockdown it's become very simple, quick and easy. Hot water and soap (made for sensitive skin) is my go-to right now. Nothing beats the feeling of refreshed skin so if you've had a turbulent time on a video call or the kids are driving you crazy then go to the bathroom and wash your face. I know it could sound a bit odd but, just like a dip in the sea, it'll energise you.

Some days I'll apply a moisturiser from Clinique or I'll used their hydrating jelly depending on my mood. I still use cleanser and toner but nothing much else. Always listen to your skin and go with what feels right. I've been spending lots of time in the garden recently so I've been slapping on the sun cream but still cover my face.


Every couple of days I’ll use an exfoliation scrub or my sonic cleanser (again both from Clinique – promise this isn’t sponsored!). There’s really nothing better than getting into bed and feeling your skin is clean and smooth.

That’s about it from me for this post, as ever if you enjoyed it then please like and share! Stay safe, stay at home and be kind to your skin!



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