Sun, Sand and Sea

Sun, sand, sea and, if you’re unfortunate like me and live in Devon, torrential rain. Yes my lovelies, summer is approaching although as I write this it’s grey, cold and wet, and inside, thanks to a broken boiler, it’s worse.
Part and parcel of living in an old property; another thing has broken and I find myself writing this wearing two pairs of socks, a large jumper, a hat and even a blanket over my legs – old age has struck! Wheel me off to the nursing home already! Hence, my wistful thoughts have turned to summer, ahhh the glorious feeling of the hot sun roaming across your skin, the smell of sun cream, the delicious taste of Pimm’s and the traditional British BBQ…
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Instead of me ranting on, typing incessantly to keep my fingers from falling off, I should really plug my products which make great holiday accessories. Smooth, I know.

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Whether it’s a cheeky weekend away with a loved one, a long idyllic escape (you lucky ducks) or a city break, our leather tote bags make the perfect addition to your outfit. They’ve got a secure internal zip pocket to stash your foreign currency, sturdy handles and a wide gusset to accommodate all your souvenirs. Mini Statue of Liberty anyone? We have them in a range of colours but stock is selling fast so grab yours now by clicking HERE.

If you’re wanting something chic for those summer evenings, whether at home or abroad nothing is more elegant than a zip pouch or a swish cross body bag. I love the word swish, don’t you? There’s something so undeniably fun about it whilst yet being refined….swish. Mmm lovely.

Moving on!

Our limited edition two-tone zip pouches are back in their best selling colours and, as usual, feature natural suede linings, gold hardware and our discrete gold logo.
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Right my lovelies, that’s enough of plugging for today; my fingers are about to drop off and the big dog is getting restless. As ever, you know what to do: follow us on Instagram and Facebook by clicking the icons below and have a great – warm – day wherever you are!
Ciao diddly! 

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