The first rule of photoshoots…

What’s the worst thing you could possibly do when on a photoshoot…? Yes, you guessed it, drown the photographer. I was one of those, ‘it’s not that big’ moments when a little stream on closer inspection turns into quite a sizeable river… But ever the adventurer I decided I was in The Bridge Over the River Kwai and crossed the water regardless leaving Billie the photographer to fend for herself.

As the children’s’ classic We’re Going on a Bear Hunt taught me ‘we can’t go over it. We can’t go under it. Oh no! We’ve got to go through it!’ I began my traverse of the river, my whole life had been leading up to this point and the book put me in good stead…

As an entrepreneur you have to lead by example, I wouldn’t make anyone do something that I would not do and so I turned, with my chin held high and my arms laden with a cardboard box of my products I began my ford.

The earlier sight of a humongous mangled dead fish corpse – not joking it was the size of a small whale, not exaggerating - probably 5ft in length – played in my mind but I continued, keeping my eye on the horizon…

I ruined a suede loafer but battled the current to make to the other side whereas Billie decided to find her own mode of crossing, which didn’t end well and thus I stood on the banks on my River Kwai watching as she and the mangled whale washed out to sea… I have to say the mark of a great, dedicated photographer is their ability to drown but manage to keep their camera above water.

The End.

In the early morning we descended upon South Milton Sands, near Salcombe and began shooting for the SS17 look books with a range of bright, bold and beautiful TAMARA HARVEY products. It was sunny (thankfully!) but it sure was windy! But as the ever professional model I battled on whilst Billie (pre-river incident) wrapped up in a warm padded coat. The images will be on the site and will be appearing on social media soon but here’s a few images of the location (shot by myself):


We also saw this stunning E-Type Jaguar in the car park and it gave me a great idea for a next shoot...if only I knew someone with a gorgeous old E-Type, if you are reading this and happen to have one in your garage send your contact details on a postcard! 


And to all those unsuspecting walkers and beach goers who had their peaceful Monday interrupted by my cackling laughter and Billie’s drowning shrieks we sincerely apologise!