Top Swimsuit Styling Tips

Hello lovelies and welcome back to another newsletter. When I left you last we were being battered by rain and howling winds. The drab of winter and the fluctuations of spring are over, and we are finally heading into summer – allegedly. The weather in the UK is notoriously hit and miss; the first two weeks of June were nothing but wet however this little newsletter with get you in the holiday spirit! Pass me my sunglasses, a glass of Pimm’s and I can begin!

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Jetting away to exotic climes is exciting and romantic but if you’re like me (a compulsive over packer) then luggage allowance is a pain in the neck. In my head, there’s no such thing as too many bikinis or sundresses, and so I end up cramming everything I can into my holdall and suitcase until they burst.

Our leather tote bags make great carry-ons and with an internal zip pocket and a wide gusset they fit everything I need in, plus they aren’t shabby looking either! I hate – detest – flying and God help the poor sod to has to sit next to me on the plane. The slightest bit of turbulence and I suddenly turn into the most devout believer! The hours of jaw clenching and seat-gripping are worth it to experience that initial thrust of heat stepping onto the runway.

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Unless you’re a supermodel (and shock horror, the majority of us aren’t!) the idea of slipping into an itsy bitsy bikini or figure-hugging swimsuit can send us into a cold sweat. That’s on top of sand in the eye, embarrassing nip-slips and searing sunburn. Personally, lobster is not a good shade for anyone. Finding swimwear that suits your body shape can be costly, stressful and time consuming but there’s a few tricks we women can do to mitigate this.

Cover-ups are saviours no matter your size

If it’s a bit breezy on the beach or you want to explore the local town without having a full outfit change then I recommend finding a bold kaftan, long shirt or a wrap. We all have bits and bobs we don’t like such as our love handles, shoulders or thighs but, with the right one, you can hide the wobbly bits and still look chic. If you don’t want to cover-up too much then I suggest taking a men’s small shirt (white cotton works best) and tying it around your waist in a nod to the 1950s.

Divert attention with bold accessories

If in doubt, divert. It’s the tactic of every politician. Our cross body bags are ideal for day trips to forgotten islands and transition effortlessly for the evening but if you’re lying on the sand stick to the essentials. 

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When it comes to sunnies remember to check whether they protect again UVB and UVA otherwise you will damage your eyes. Considering 80% of the sunglass industry is controlled by one Italian company, Luxottica, you don’t need to shell out a fortune to get a stylish pair because, chances are, they’re made in the same factory as the designer ones by the same machines from the same materials with only the logos differing. Sunhats will stop your neck burning to a crisp and hide any frizz. Jewellery can be playful and elevate your outfit but unless you want to go back home with bad tan lines then I suggest you stick to stud earrings. 

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Never compromise on comfort

There’s nothing worse than being hot and irritated because the bikini straps are too long or too short, the bottoms are rising up your backside like dental floss and the swimsuit’s nipping and pinching so much you feel like a pin cushion. Wear what’s comfortable and suits the contours of your body; women aren’t cookie cutters. A smile is far sexier than a barely there, string bikini.

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Well my time is almost up, there’s only one thing to do and that’s wish you all a fantastic holiday with oodles of sunshine and laughter.