Wedding Season

There’s an old saying that goes ‘looking back, you hate your wedding and enjoy everyone else’s’. I don’t know if that’s true because a) I’ve never been married and in the current climate there’s more chance of me catching a fly with a pair of chopsticks (!), and b) I don’t go to that many weddings.

In one way this saying makes sense, often couples are so focused on making everything perfect and ensuring everyone enjoys themselves that the day becomes tiring, stressful and costs an arm and a leg. It’s probably true you enjoy a friend's wedding more because of the simple fact there’s no hassle on your behalf. The biggest headache of being a wedding guest for women isn’t booking a hotel or organising transport, it’s the outfit. Women of all ages put inordinate pressure on themselves, panic and fret because they want to look their best. Photographs last forever in this digital age so this pressure has, arguably, only increased. Understandably, no one wants to look like the poor relation let alone the frumpy relative.

So, as if my magic, I’ve compiled three full-proof wedding outfits for all ages! It's never been this easy to look so good.

Let’s kick it straight out of the gate with our first look!


Strong is the new beautiful 19jpg

Age: <35

Best for:

This is a look for making an entrance, it shouts that you're sexy but sophisticated and have come to party. Dance 'till the dawn in a pair of killer - but comfortable - heels and blow the competition away with this gorgeous one-shoulder dress. Blue is a safe colour; there's pretty much nothing it will clash with and if it gets cold, bung on a pair of tights. It's not a formal look but pair it with a chic headband (widely available online) or a black fascinator to match your scrumptious accessories and you'll look the part!

 Strong is the new beautiful 18jpg

Age: 40 – 55

Best For:

This is my favourite look; I adore yellow and this halterneck dress is in the perfect summer shade. Outdoor weddings are more popular than ever even if the Great British weather is as reliable as a goldfish in a hockey tournament. If you're lucky enough to head to the heat of the Mediterranean then this outfit is perfect. The dress is light and floaty, and the silver sandals are sturdy but chic for tramping over the sand. It's really a look which will work for all ages as a cinched in waist will never go out of fashion but if you don't like your shoulders then take a wrap. If you're not jetting off to sunnier climes then have no fear, this look will still be fabulous. Essentially, this is a sophisticated pop of colour that won't steal too much attention from the bride.

Strong is the new beautiful 18jpg

Age: 55 - 65

Best For:

Ooh la la. This is inspired, in part, by my approaching trip to Paris - hint the beret fascinator! It's a demure look and an image of understated elegance. Every women will have a pair of black heels in their wardrobe so you won't have to shelve out a fortune on accessories. Red could be hit or miss, personally I love the colour but I know many who would say it's inappropriate for a wedding. Hey ho, it's 2019 and the archaic fashion rules need to be given a good shake! This dress is modest but the tie waist (I adore) will really pull the look together and enhance your figure. If you're not too keen being front and centre or don't have the confidence to pull off a one-shoulder frock then this is for you. Gold jewelry (remember when it comes to jewelry less is more) will add a touch of class. It's a formal outfit which wouldn't look out of place at a stately home or rural church.


Well there you go lovelies, a quick run down of three fabulous looks for three different weddings. I hope you enjoyed and I look forward to creating more outfit inspirations for you so stay tuned, connect with us on our social platforms (@tamara_harvey_official) and sign up to our mailing list!




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