Weekend Outfit Inspirations

Hey all!

Welcome back to another blog post! As I’m writing this the great British weather can’t make its damned mind up! One minute it’s glorious spring sunshine and the next, the Heavens open and it’s chucking it down again! I guess that’s what you get for living in the UK but, chins up, it won’t be long until the summer’s here – fingers crossed!

As I mentioned, the weather is unpredictable right now as we move into Spring and it can be hard to find something to wear. You don’t want to look like the village fool in winter clothes and dripping in sweat because the sun decided to come out when the forecast predicted heavy showers. And vice versa.

If you’re looking for outfit inspiration than listen up because I’m going to give you a quick guide. Enjoy!

Casual Cocktails on A Sunday

I know, who go for cocktails on a Sunday evening? Well, go with me on this!

The weekends are for being comfortable; we torture ourselves enough throughout the week. Grab your favourite pair of smart jeans, a pair of chic – but comfortable - heels and a snug knitted jumper or blouse. A tailored black coat will always be in style so invest well. Don’t forget the easiest way to distinguish between a cheap coat and a luxury one is its buttons so pay close attention to those when buying. Of course, no outfit is complete without our best-selling, black leather zip pouch (click HERE to shop). They perfect for every occasion and outfit so be sure to grab yours before they’re gone! Jewellery always seals a look, personally I like to keep it minimal and tasteful. I will rarely ever wear a necklace or rings but a good watch is effortlessly elegant.

Other styling options include a camel coat over head to toe black – perfect for when you have little time to spare.

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Saturday Strolls

As I said, the weekend is for being comfortable and that means, unless you want to, leave your heels in the wardrobe and throw on your favourite pair of flats. Every woman should own a pair of black flats; they will never go out of style; they complement practically every outfit and they won’t ruin your feet like heels can. I do love a good striped top and, paired with a camel coat, you will look great whether you’re hitting the shops, going on a country walk or heading to brunch.



Sunday Pub Lunch

Let’s be honest, pub lunches fabulous all year round and I’m saying that as an ardent veggie. If the thought of a roaring fire, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and apple crumble doesn’t make you smile then you must have an iron will! Below is a practical but stylish outfit for those excursions to your local. Of course, a cosy jumper and jeans are ideal when paired with one of our leather tote bags. I carry my orange leather tote bag with me all the time because I need a bag which is suitable – most importantly practical – for the office whilst being stylish for any weekend jaunts. I don’t want to spend twenty minutes swapping bags on a Friday night and another twenty putting everything back into a work bag on Sunday night for the following week! Just remember if you’re going to be sat outside soaking up the winter sunshine then you don’t want to be wearing heels or ballet flats because you’re going to get cold so throw on your favourite casual trainers.

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I hope you enjoyed this quick round up! If you did then please share our blog and spread the word! We’re a growing, British fashion brand, passionate about quality and provenance so if leather accessories handcrafted in London and designed in Devon sounds like your thing then go ahead and take a look at our current collection.