Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall...

Someone once said something very profound and intelligent about summer drawing to a close but I can’t remember it so if you know which one I’m thinking of please send your answers on the back of a postcard. As I said summer is drawing to a close and that means so is our fantastic summer sale where we’ve had up to 50% off our luxury leather handbags.

The bright, bold colours of summer will morph into more subtle hues, the long days of sunshine (!) will soon turn to dreary autumnal afternoons and those fabulous sandals will be put to the back of the wardrobe in favour of the sturdy wellies.

So far, our summer adventures have been varied, incongruous and all in the name of fashion! To date, our photographer fell in a river and nearly drowned to get the perfect image (thanks Billie!), we’ve tramped all across Devon and back again, looked at so many fabric samples to the point that I was waking up in the middle of the night in a hot sweat thinking about dupion silk, polka dot chiffon and damned daffodil yellow cotton twill. Not to mention we had to beat all those bystanders off with a stick during our photoshoots because they mistook me for Victoria Beckham (please see below for a highly ‘accurate’ image of me behind the scenes). I know it’s an easy mistake to make but just remember I’m taller ;) I’m also not married to a handsome man with a perfect jaw line and a body sculpted by Michael Angelo himself. But hey, they’re just minor details. However I’m very confident that my singing skills are on par with Victoria’s…



Not only have we’ve had to battle wind, rain, foreign tourists, seagulls and my grand ideas that make a Leo Tolstoy novel look simplistic. The bigger, brighter, bolder, crazier and the more absurd, the better in my opinion. This mode of thinking lead to some dodgy twenty four hours where I was seriously planning on starting my own form of gorilla advertising at the local zoo. Gorilla in the most literal sense of course. But sadly like reality often does it came crashing down upon my fantastic idea like a bag of rocks and the world will now never know how good a western lowland gorilla would look with a limited edition TAMARA HARVEY cross body bag in metallic silver slung over its shoulder.



I know, the viral potential was unreal but so was the idea of tossing expensive handbags over a massive fence and into the enclosure of an endangered species all without getting arrested or eaten alive. As ideas go, I admit it wasn’t my finest idea and I’ve learnt its far better to connect with a select number of influential fashion bloggers than hurling things through the air!

As the first of September rolls in our summer sale will end and we’ll be gearing up for a fun filled winter in our wellies! I’d like to say a big thank you to my team (you all know who you are) for humouring to all my ‘artistic’ whims and plans to take over the world one handbag at a time! A second thank you to my loyal customers who’ve shown my brand great support on social media.

So here’s to the approaching winter storms, bracing wind, falling leaves, thick jumpers and comfort food!

Chin chin!


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